A Retrofit util class help to make server connection easy




Upload image into server converting image into base64

  Convert to base64

  Upload image using encoded string  








Convert an image to base64 and decode from base64

Convert image to base64

  Decode base64 to bitmap


Android Custom Dialog Example


Add it to your style.xml

Add them to drawable folder Rectangle Shape

  Circle Shape

    Top middle circle dialog view

Using Constraing Layout

Input Dialog with top end cancel button  

  Initialize from activity or fragment using these below code

Android MVVM Pattern Tutorial

                               Android MVVM Pattern MVVM -> Model, View , ViewModel (MVVM Pattern) Model − এটা শুধু ডাটা ধরে রাখে, এখানে লজিকেল কোন কাজ করা হয় না। ViewModel – লজিকেল কাজ গুলো এখানে করা হয় এবং এটা ভিউ ও মডেলের মধ্যে সংযোগ…

Android LiveData with Kotlin Coroutine + Flow

Here I have tried to show two procedures to implement Room using Kotlin Coroutine.   Using Flow Reactive pattern


  Using ViewModel Scope and liveData {} new Asynchronous pattern


  To get data in activity or fragment

      Helping Gradle Dependency  


Android Receiving location updates in Kotlin

Often we need our user location or need to update user location in our app.  This is a simple util class that I build for my pet project. Use this below code as a util class

  How to use? Follow the below code call this below code when you need location update. This…

Android Line Chart Example