Android Json Parsing – Volley library

Volley Library

Android Json Parsing

Volley Library


1) First we have to make database into our hosting

2) create table, column then insert data

table at hosting

3) we have to fetch these data in a json format
so we have to write a code in php.

> create folder and give a suitable name
> this folder will have to use to access the json data
> insert below code name the file to index.php


> Keep the index.php file into your created folder.

*** after completing this if we type into our browser

we will see

json format

4) Create a project with suitable name

5) add internet permission to the android manifest xml

6) add this below code to the AppController class


****** add this to android_mainifest.xml file


******* Insert this below line of code into your build.gradle dependency

7) add this below code to the main_activity class



8) add this below code to the activity_main.xml



Add this below code to content_main.xml file



run it and enjoy


parsed data output

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